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95% of Mediation Cases Settle

Mediation works!  Even the difficult cases tend to settle.  It helps to use a neutral third party to help keep your discussions productive, respectful, and focused on success.

85% Less Expensive Than Litigation

How is that possible?  Efficiency.  It means we don’t waste your time or money on pointless arguments.  You don’t even have to use attorneys if you don’t want to.

1-2 MONTHS, not 1-2 YEARS

It takes FOREVER to get a judge to make a decision for you.  You have to wait months for the judge to be available, and the two attorneys can hold an endless number of hearings.  Attorneys keep billing until their clients run out of money.  Oh and there is NEVER a guarantee of a successful outcome in litigation even after all that time and money.  Don’t you hate divorce litigation already?

What is Mediation?

neu-tral – not aligned with or supporting any side or position in a controversy.

Family Mediation means a neutral third party helps you resolve family law issues on your own, via agreement, rather than have a judge impose a decision on you. All issues are resolved privately, with all communications strictly confidential.

Mediation is a cheaper, faster, and more compassionate method of resolving marital disputes. It helps you not get stuck in the past, and keeps you moving towards the life you want to live. The goal of a mediation is to reach a settlement agreement, which prevents you from having to go to court.

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Florida has “no fault” Divorce – instead of figuring out who is to blame, courts will instead focus on resolving these issues. Before a judge can sign off on a dissolution of marriage, he or she has to determine whether any support obligations exist, and divide money and property according to the law. Some laws are specific and formulaic, while others are more like guidelines. Often times only a few categories will be relevant to your particular situation, with only one or two being sticking points.

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