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Fair & Friendly Mediation Started with a Simple Question-

What is it that divorcing people need, and why are they not getting it?

  1. People need a way to get divorced without it turning “ugly”.
    By now, everyone has either heard of or lived through a divorce that was stressful, expensive, and created long-lasting resentment. Even the divorce lawyers have told me that nothing makes them feel worse than winning a case. When cases are not settled through mediation, they end up in trials that are long, expensive and frustrating, and pit the spouses against each other as if they’re mortal enemies. Maybe its time to rethink who we hire and why.
  2. Lawyers always have a financial interest in keeping you in court.
    Litigation is always the most profitable option for the attorneys involved. Yet many divorce lawyers in Florida are abandoning their litigation practices and moving towards a service that uses lawyers sparingly in limited roles, or doesn’t use them at all! Did they suddenly gain a conscience? Maybe a few of them. Did they decide their hourly rates were too high? That’s unlikely. People who are getting a divorce are demanding a process that keeps costs as low as possible and minimizes the harm to everyone involved. Most people do not want to get stuck fighting their spouse for years on end, or for their children to bear the scars of their parent’s battles.
  3. Mediation is a low-cost alternative that gets better results than litigation.
    Mediation is the lean, efficient competitor to litigation, and it’s winning over clients and practitioners alike. In the future, all divorces will be referred to mediation. Mediators will be licensed attorneys who are experts at drafting settlement agreements in a way that keeps the clients out of court for the long run. They will be a unique subset of attorneys who also have training in psychology and appreciate the relevance and usefulness of psychological concepts. They will embrace negotiation strategies as a method to get each spouse as much of the things that are important to them as possible.

My vision for Fair & Friendly Mediation is to combine extensive academic credentials and real-life experience with a passion for helping people specifically through this complex legal and emotional event.

We will not waste your time or money – settlements are reached in a matter of days, rather than months or years. Spouses can even utilize their own attorneys to help them navigate the mediation, but their role is nothing like what you would see in court. We are the place to get individualized attention to the details of your case, and an agreement on your own terms, that is customized to what you want to accomplish.